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Businesses are making a real effort to promote inclusion and diversity, which means ensuring their storefronts or offices are not full of employees that fit a narrow criteria.

One of the ways that companies are evolving is to give people a second chance if they have a criminal record. There was a time when having a conviction, even decades old, could count against someone. That is not always the case in the modern economy.

That begs the question: Are background checks relevant these days?

background screening

Know the Full Picture

Whenever you are taking the step to hire someone for your company, you must have a full understanding of their qualifications, history and personality. A routine background screening helps you form that picture.

Seeing something unusual in a person’s background check should not automatically rule them out of a job at your company. Running the check is helpful, as it provides you with more information.

Rather than forming assumptions about the person in question, you will make a hiring decision based on the facts in front of you.

Maintain Safety and Security

Ensuring that you have a workplace that is diverse in both appearances and ideas is so important. Hiring people who have previous convictions or less than perfect backgrounds is a reasonable step to take.

Every business must, however, balance such a desire with the goal of maintaining safety and security. Your employees, clients and customers must feel and remain safe, which is why background checks are still relevant to this day.

Decide When a Second Chance is Warranted

A key reason for continuing to conduct background checks on potential employees is that you can pick and choose when to give second chances. Some people with convictions or other issues in their background may have legitimate explanations for those instances, while others may not be worth your time.